Professional Coffee Maker Leoricco ACM5800 with Built In Grinder


Berat : 20,00 kg

Ketersediaan : Tersedia

Rp 11.888.000


Bergaransi Resmi LEORICCO 1 tahun

Brand: Leoricco
Type: ACM5800
Mesin Kopi Profesional dengan Grinder Kopi / Profesional Coffee Maker With Built in Grinder LeoRicco ACM5800 ACM 5800
S/N : LRC.ACM5800

Specification :

1. 220V 50HZ 2560W

2. Coffee machine with built-in Grinder

3. With functions of getting hot water, coffee brewing, milk frothing and grinding

4. 20 bar powerful pressure pump

5. Water tank capacity: 2.7 L

6. Stainless steel body with luxury design

7. Standard 58mm professional stainless steel portable filter

8. One Cup and Two Cup filter basket included

9. Thermal block fast heating system

10. PID intelligent temperature control, more accurate and stable

11. Using flow meter for controlling the flow precisely

12. With pressure gauge to show the working pressure

13. With Double Boiler for fast heating, and do coffee brewing and milk frothing at the same time

14. With High Pressure Frothing Function

15. With Overheating and Overpressure protected device

16. Adjustable Steam Knob

17. Detachable Drip Tray for easy cleaning

18. High efficiency of brewing system can be above 90%

19. Coffee temperature can be up to 75-85°C

20. Can brew Big Cup or Small Cup coffee automatically

21. Coffee Grinder with Conical Burr, which can be detachable for convenient clean

22. Coffee Grinder with New System, vertical powder channel system for direct powder dropping, No Powder Jam

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